History of the Department

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The Department of Electrochemistry of Saint-Petersburg State University was founded by Prof. Rudolf L. Muller in 1940. After the Second World War the department was leaded by Profs. Boris P. Nicolsky (1950), and Alexey V.Storonkin (1951-1952). Prof. Yaroslav V. Durdin have been a chairman during subsequent twenty years (1952 – 1973). His research intersts were mainly focused on the kinetics of hydrogen evolution from acidic solutions. During the next twenty years (1973 – 1994) the department had been headed by Prof. Valery I. Kravtsov. In this period, the main attention in the department research was paid to electrode processes involving metal complexes with different ligands. Prof. Valery V. Malev was the head of the Electrochemistry Department during 1994-2013. At this time the experimental and theoretical work was focused on the study of charge transfer processes at chemically modified electrodes.